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Monday, November 17, 2003


I love the passion that goes into blogging. The desire to be heard and even better understood by others. It runs so deeply within us. And yet I find myself wondering, why do we ignore the people around us.

If you step back and watch yourself you’ll realize that you ignore 100’s of people every day. The people around you in a check out line. The people walking out a door you’re walking in. Even the people who live near you.

I think it’s because there are so many people. We can’t take the endless repetition of politeness that would be required by acknowledging these peoples existence. Call it a survival reflex. Too much information is combated by selective ignoring.

We have another instinct that runs counter to our selective ignoring. Our desire to be accepted and understood can only be filled by the very people we’re ignoring. At least until blogging came along. Now there’s a way to get close but not to close and the best part is you can change the distance at any time. Not so sticky as personal relationships, but 99% of the flavor.

In my life I’ve made an honest attempt to stop ignoring those around me and reach out. Yea it’s a little risky. Some people verbally shove you back because you’re too close. Others don’t quite know what to do with you.

Take my neighbor for example. We share a little duplex on a quiet road. The parking for our duplex is on my side of the building so everyday Cathy would scurry by my door trying to get by me as quick as possible. I admit at first I pretty much did the same. Then I decided to reach out and get to know the people physically closest to me.

It’s had some interesting results. Cathy and I are good neighbors now. We share some good times. My life wasn’t any less complete without her. However, now it’s a lot fuller.


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