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Thursday, March 02, 2006

This has been a really happy and really pivotal night for me. I've actually brought my soon to be fiance in as a partner. Myself, I'm a visionary. I can see things for thier potential. The downside to this is that I often get trapped in the future and fret about what I should do next.

My girlfriend believes in my dreams, but is much more of a realist. She is able to break down my vision into each step that needs to be done to accomplish it. I know we will be a success together.

The reason I'm making this post is that I've calculated my personal investment in this company to this point and I've made some new purchases. My personal investment so far is $1210:

50 Flash Phone
110 Skype Adapters
350 Laptop (w/ School)
400 Internet access
300 Dean

That's all the money that's come out of my pocket so far that I can figure. And of course years of sweat equity learning about these technologies and this opportunity as well as putting everything together into a nice package that will accelerate the adoption of VOIP technology by the international masses.

The big news is that I've bought my first 2 Skype adapters. I've also bought one Flash Phone. With the $300 that I've invested in Dean's talents, I'll have a computer that I can install in Mexico and get things rolling. I've found that Greyhound will probably be my best bet for both travel and customers. By installing at or near bus lines, I'm reaching customers who are already thinking about where their going and are showing a geographical (moving themselves) and monetary (bus ticket) committment to said place. My first few installs will be along bus lines. I figure people would be willing to pay $10 to make unlimited calls to wherever they're going, eventually anywhere along the bus route. I'm also preparing to approach Greyhound about the possibility of financing me or at least giving me access to their lobby. If not, I'll set up across the street with WiFi.

The Flash Phone is for me to experiment with since its a thumb drive. Thumb drives are something I've thought about before. The Flash Phone actually has an audio component with the USB drive. It looks pretty cool too.

I figure it'll be the second or third product I offer. It definitly has a lot of potential for market penetration, especially if I can pair it with some strategically placed Skype servers and Skype adapters.


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