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Monday, March 06, 2006

The Skype Adapters have arrived!!! I'm buzzing with excitement now. The coolest thing is how small they are. They no bigger than a stuffed wallet. Kimberly and I have plans to test them this Thursday between our houses. I'll probably test them myself before then. I need to do the test between Kimberly and I because I'm building the recoprical network to what Skype provides.

My first move will be to offer free calls and pay for the SkypeOut charges until I can build up about 10 orders. Then I'll travel to Mexico (yes I know there's been a change, i'll post later) and set them up.

I'm halfway through deciding that the Victoria Gardens apartments here in Rosenberg could be an ideal set up for my testing before I really try to expand. It's at least 50% 1st generation Mexicans and other Central/South Americans. I could set up a free phone and try to gather orders for either the Flash Phone to be used at a kisosk that I supply or for adapters for thier own houses, as the kiosk would be outside.

I'm thinking out loud here, so I figure the VERY first product will just be a subscription to my free phone. You pay me $10 and you can use the free phone for as long as it exists. Obviously, I'll be taking a loss on this with the SkypeOut minutes, but that's the cost of advertising. I'm sure actually talking to people they know in Mexico will convince some of them to buy my products.


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