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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Another successful test. This time of 2 boxes communicating with each other for free. It was beautiful. I was at my girlfriends house in her company as well as her parents. She said she was proud of me, which did worlds for my confidence. Her mother was impressed. Her mother is exactly the kind of person I want as a customer. A completly non-technical person that understands in simple terms what was happening. Her father works for BMC and is deeply educated in all things technical. He was silent, but had nothing negative to say, which in his case is a good thing. He is very good at finding the holes and problems in things.

We first called LeMans, France and Perth, Australia. Then we called Portsmouth, England. After everyone had a chance to use and see Skype in action, we called between the phones. Complete success. They rang within one second of placing the Skype call with the other phone. The voice quality was great. There were some voice quality problems to other Skype users, but those were fixed once they got their microphones/headphones straight. Calling with a phone is so much easier.

I'm ready for my Flash Phone to arrive. I got the tracking info for it today. It's last mark was in Toronto, Canada so it'll be a little while yet. I'm going to purchase a Skype USB phone and some SkypeOut and then being selling. It's nearly time. I'll have to purchase a cable connection at my brother's home in Victoria Gardens, but that won't be too expensive month to month. I'll also have to purchase a WiFi router, preferably MOBI so that I can stand outside with my laptop and offer free calls to Mexico.


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